Havenly Digital 

Unlocking Homeownership for Non-traditional Borrowers 

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Supporting Lenders

Products for homebuyers who are unable to meet legacy qualifying criteria or are under served by the traditional mortgage market.

New Solutions

Investing in portfolio home loan products designed to help non-traditional borrowers enjoy the benefits of homeownership.


Connecting and aligning borrower needs to investor appetites using decentralized financial networks.

Our Mission

US Homeownership

To increase homeownership in America by:

  • Investing in home loans provided to under served homebuyers and improving  our communities
  • Opening new liquidity channels for non-traditional borrowers
  • Offering residential mortgage yields direct to accredited retail and institutional DeFi investors

How It Works

Loan Purchase

Havenly Digital purchases mortgages originated by affiliates that meet risk-return requirements for the portfolio.

Note Issuance

The mortgages are held in Havenly's proprietary fund structure from which notes are issued in the form of digital collateral.

Yield Payment

Notes offer yields tailored to meet the risk-return and duration appetites of DeFi investors.

Stablecoin Liquidity

DeFi investors provide liquidity by investing asset-backed stablecoin in return for residential mortgage yields.

Redeem & Reinvest

At redemption, DeFi investor capital is returned and investment opportunities are opened for new DeFi investors.


Expanding Market

Expanding funding solutions for home buyers.

Stablecoin DeFi Yields

Growing investor demand for yields backed by real-world assets.

Focused on Equality

Improving access for underserved homebuyers.

Strong Leadership and Vision

Bringing expertise and experience in developing products and liquidity channels in the US mortgage market to DeFi.

Our Success Team

Lisa Thomas, CEO

CEO of Havenly Financial, mortgage industry entrepreneur and executive with a reputation for servant leadership, innovation, revenue generation, cost control, and continual process improvement, 25+ years’ experience in capital markets, securitization, portfolio acquisition and risk management. 

Ryan Oakley, President

Co-Founder and chief visionary, a dynamic transformational leader and driving force behind the company's digital finance strategy with a demonstrated track record of improving operational capabilities and achieving targeted objectives within global financial services firms such as HSBC, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

Leon Daniels, CCMO

20+ years experience modeling asset and bond cash flows for structured finance vehicles across a variety of asset classes, product development, pricing, hedging, and portfolio management expertise for MBS and ABS.

Kevin Sawyer, CTO

Serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of technology leadership and digital transformation for clients across many industries/sectors. Reputation for holistic approach to problem solving through divergent thinking, nonlinear logic, exploration and innovation.

Brian Simons, CFA, COO

Successful entrepreneur and mortgage industry executive, formerly with Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, and founder of Altavera Mortgage Services LLC, a mortgage fulfilment provider, sold to Computershare (ASX: CPU), a publicly traded multinational financial services firm, licensed mortgage loan originator in 32 states plus District of Columbia.

Riad Bacchus, Head of Delivery

Digital project management with expertise in software development including custom applications, planning, analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance, and delivery execution. Well versed in traditional Waterfall, Agile development (RAD, XP, and Scrum), and Rational Unified Process.

Decentralized Finance Networks

Watch for Havenly Digital on DeFi networks such as these:

Tinlake by Centrifuge

Tinlake allows originators and owners of assets in the real world, such as trade invoices or residential real-estate loans, to create a pool of their assets and offer it to DeFi investors. These assets create a stable yield for DeFi investors and DeFi protocols. They provide liquidity for the issuers, who set up and operate Tinlake pools, and their borrowers. Investments can also earn automatically protocol rewards in Centrifuge’s native token (CFG). These rewards are independent of the Tinlake pool, its issuer, and the return it’s generating.

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Goldfinch is a decentralized, globally accessible credit protocol, with a mission to bring the world’s credit activity on-chain while expanding access to capital and fostering financial inclusion.

The protocol makes crypto loans without requiring crypto collateral—the missing piece that finally unlocks access to cryptocurrency capital for most people in the world. By incorporating the principle of trust through consensus Goldfinch creates a way for borrowers to show creditworthiness based on the collective assessment of other participants, rather than based on over-collateralizing with crypto assets. 

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